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12 February 2007 @ 12:47 pm
The Word--2/7/07  

Stephen Colbert: Nation, I am relieved. For a while there, it almost seemed like the Senate might pass a resolution criticising the President's troop surge. Even worse, it looked like they might talk about it. And we all know talking is a gateway to thinking. Luckily, on Monday, Senate Republicans successfully blocked the debate. Leading the Republican charge? Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman. Here's how Mr. Independent interjected the President's troop surge with a little "Joe-mentum".

[clip, C-SPAN, 2/5/07]
Senator Joseph Lieberman: What we say here in the Senate will be heard by the leaders of the thuggish regimes in Iran and Syria, and by Al-Qaeda terrorists eager to hear evidence that America's will is breaking.
[end clip]

SC: Which brings us to tonight's Word.

  • Silence

SC: Silence. Senator Lieberman is right about our enemies. They hang on every word that passes through the Senate chamber.

  • C-SPAN's Only Viewers

SC: Because they know that discussions of our president's war policy are a direct assault on our troops.

  • Weapons Of Mass Discussion

SC: That's why it's so vital for the Senate to say nothing. Most senators understand this. Even John Warner, who introduced the bill, voted against debating it.

  • Have His Surge and Hate It, Too

SC: Folks, this is the same heroic silence Congress employed back in 2003, when they first authorized the invasion of Iraq. At the time, anyone who asked questions was called a coward.

  • Now, They're Called Presidential Candidates

SC: Because the best way to support our troops was to send them into war without discussion.

  • Or Body Armor

SC: Of course, back then the war had the support of the American people. Today's Congress isn't so lucky. Over seventy percent of Americans disapprove of the way the President is handling the war.

  • He's Handling The War?

SC: Now, of course, the whiners will say, "But the midterm elections were a referendum on the Iraq war! The American people have spoken and shouldn't be ignored!"

  • They Should Be Wiretapped

SC: Well, folks, guess what?

  • Loretta Sanchez Is A Whore?

SC: We... we have elections because we live in a free country, and freedom is worth making sacrifices for. If that sacrifice has to be the voice of the American people, so be it! This is too important. Senator Lieberman is right.

  • Far Right

SC: Our enemies--our enemies are listening to what the Congress says.

  • Unlike The White House

SC: We went to Iraq for one reason.

  • WMD's?

SC: No.

  • 9/11?

SC: No.

  • Someone Tried To Kill The President's Daddy?

SC: Kinda. But mostly to bring democracy to the Middle East. And it looks like the only way we can bring democracy there is to silence it here.

  • Silence

SC: And that's the Word.
The poison of choice for assassins.rowdiebird229 on February 12th, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
トラカカtorakaka on February 13th, 2007 12:54 am (UTC)
i loved the ending :3