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28 October 2005 @ 09:31 pm
Episode 7--The Word (Perspective)  

October 26, 2005

Stephen Colbert: Here is another number I have heard a lot today: 2,000. Nothing wrong with the number itself; hell, five years ago we were celebrating it. But now, just by adding the phrase "fatalities in Iraq", the anti-war crowd is trying to spin that number negative. Which brings us to tonight's Word: perspective.

  • Perspective

Now, I gotta admit, this morning, that 2,000 number even had me feeling down.

  • Me Down

Luckily, I turned on Fox and Friends. Friendly bunch over there at Fox. And co-host Steve Doocy reminded me of something I think a lot of us have forgotten.

(clip, Fox & Friends, "Sad Milestone")
Steve Doocy: 2,000 is a terrible number, but when you look at the historical aspect of how many have lost their lives--look at that: World War One, 116,000; WW2, 405,000; Vietnam, 58,000. The Gulf War, 382. And so far in Iraq, 2,000.
(end clip)

SC: See, doesn't that make you feel better?

  • You Feel Better

Plus, they didn't even throw the Civil War up there. 23,000 soldiers died in one day at Antietam.

  • Still the High Score

And that--and that seemed to be cool with everybody. Why?

  • Yeah, Why?

Because the cause was just.

  • One of Them Was.

Now, of course, if it's an unjustified war, one death is too many. And unfortunately, people have lost sight of why America is making these sacrifices. Thankfully, the shorter, but just as friendly Fox Friend reminded us.

(clip, Fox & Friends, "Sad Milestone")
Brian Kilmeade: Look what's happened in Lebanon: the Syrians have pulled out--
And the Lebanese people now have a vote and a stake in their future. The Palestinians voted, they now have--and they now have their own section of land in Gaza. And on the other hand, Egypt actually had a vote and somebody running against Hosny Mubarak for the first time ever.
Believe it or not, even in Saudi Arabia, they might even let women drive soon!
(end clip)

SC: Saudi women driving? Two thousand, hell, make it two hundred thousand! Hey. And if you find a WMD or an Al-Qaeda connection, you can go to a cool million.

So. This all raises a good question. Female Fox Friend?

(clip, Fox & Friends, "Sad Milestone")
E.D. Hill: I'm not being cavalier about this, but I don't understand the significance of this mark versus any other--you know, the 2,000 versus any other deaths there.
(overtalk) It's, it's the news media, they're lookin' a headline--
(overtalk) It's politics.
(end clip)

SC: Exactly. Sensationalist garbage like the Washington Post's "Military Has Lost 2,000 in Iraq". Or the spin masters at the New York Times' "2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch on, a Grim Mark"? And someone was way too eager to put this one up on TV.

(clip, Fox & Friends, "Sad Milestone")

SC: "Sad Milestone"? Spin on, left-wing spin machine!

You know, and as Steve Doocy points out, the number 2,000 is just more hype.

(clip, Fox & Friends, "Sad Milestone")
SD: There's one thing about the 2,000 number that, uh, the Pentagon, uh, Pentagon pointed out yesterday, and th--that is that 436 of those deaths were non-combat related.
(end clip)

SC: Non-combat related? That means they're accidents; forget 'em! Accidents don't count! And you know if the peaceniks in the anti-war machine get their way and this war turns out to have been a big mistake, that just means every death was an accident. And therefore, nobody died.

Keep that in perspective.

  • Perspective

And that's the Word.